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Okay, I know this comm is practically dead, but I've recently… - power rangers lost galaxy [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Dec. 7th, 2006|12:50 pm]
power rangers lost galaxy


Okay, I know this comm is practically dead, but I've recently rediscovered how much I loved this series and I have a couple of fics if anyone's interested.

The ones I'm posting here are both Mike-centric, but I have a lot of others. The only issue is that they *are* slash stories, albeit mild ones, and I'm not sure if that goes on this comm, so just to be safe I'm sticking to the gen stories for now.

Disclaimer: Anything you recognise ain't mine. :)

Title: Learning the New
Rating: G
Spoilers: Destined for Greatness

This was incredible, Mike thought as the power surged through him, the armour of the Magna Defender surrounding him, encasing him in a sense of strength and security. Was this how Leo felt when he morphed? This incredible energy and the feeling that he could do anything? It was simply incredible.

He shook off his fascination, there wasn’t time for this. Leo needed him. The others needed him. But how was he… The bellow over his head made him look up and he grinned in pleased surprise. It seemed that Torozord went with the Magna Defender powers. Well, he wasn’t complaining, the bull would more than help him save his brother and his friends.

“Okay, Torozord, let’s do it.”

And, oh wow, even more incredible. He’d felt all this second hand while the original Magna Defender had controlled his body, but feeling it for himself was just… wow. It was weird, feeling another presence melding with his mind, Torozord’s mind connecting to his, making them one unstoppable fighting machine, although he thought he could feel a faint reluctance, well maybe not reluctance, but a definite sense that this wasn’t quite right. He couldn’t blame the bull though, he and Magna Defender had been through so much, had been partners, really, for so long, and it wasn’t really all that surprising that he was still missing the warrior, still adjusting to him being gone, let alone having a new ‘partner’. It would no doubt take a while for them both to adjust.

Still, again that was something they didn’t have time for and he forced away his distraction, focusing instead on saving Leo. There’d be time later for he and Torozord to get better acquainted.

Title: Lost and Found
Rating: G

When High Councillor Renier first met Mike Corbett, it had been one of those days. In the final stages of finalising the Terra Venture project, the Council had been meeting more and more often and it seemed they were getting sick of the sight of each other. Councillor Richard Brody had been grating on her nerves all day. He was tiresomely conservative, for all that he was backing such a risky undertaking as a space colony, and he was overly fond of the sound of his own voice. There were many times she felt like smashing something hard over his head, just to ease the frustration of having to work with him. On the other hand, his voice carried a lot of weight with the Senate and his support for the project was vital if it was to ever get off the ground. There was also the aggravating fact that he was a more than capable administrator, a person they would need when (if) they found a new world to live on. All that meant that she had to put up with him. No matter how infuriating he was.

Having been in meetings all morning, she wasn’t looking forward to another one, no matter that this one involved Commander William Stanton, a man she held a great amount of respect for, the man who would be charge of the space colony when the ship was finally finished and ready to go. Still, she gritted her teeth and refused to hold her pen so tightly it snapped. She’d already done that twice today and it wasn’t even mid-afternoon yet. The young man standing just behind Commander Stanton and slightly to his right had caught her attention. He was new, not someone she’d seen before, but it seemed he was Commander Stanton’s second in command, a man who would, if necessary, take over command of the colony should anything befall William Stanton, or if the search for the new world took longer than they had planned.

Introduced as Lt. Michael Corbett, she studied him carefully. Solidly built, he radiated confidence, yet not arrogance, as well as a steadiness that suggested he would be ready for anything, no matter the circumstances, should he be called on. It was not a surprise that Commander Stanton had chosen this young man to be his right hand. There was also a naiveté about the young lieutenant that was both endearing and heartbreaking. Such youthful idealism would be erased the more time he spent interacting with the Council and all its machinations. It would be a sad day when young Mike Corbett lost that innocence.


Much to her surprise though, that had never happened. Yes, some of the idealism faded, replaced by harsh realism, but somehow the young man managed to hold onto most of it, and he proved to be a passionate speaker when he believed in something. She didn’t always agree with his views, but he usually managed to bring up at least one valid point, and it was all but impossible to dismiss his comments without at least considering them, especially when his comments pricked at your conscience, a rare feat for someone dealing with people hardened by the political system.

The loss of Mike Corbett on the training moon as they departed their-- Earth’s-- star system was a heavy blow to the colony, one it would be hard put to compensate for. None of the other candidates for second in command possessed all the necessary qualities such a position demanded. She’d never realised until then just how truly vital the position of second in command was.


The day Mike Corbett returned to Terra Venture, more light years away from the Milky Way than she cared to think about, and under such mysterious circumstances, was a good one. It seemed to be a day of new beginnings: entering a new galaxy, with the welcome return of a much missed piece of the colony. There was no doubt a fascinating story behind the young man’s disappearance and subsequent return, one that she would dearly like to hear at some point, but it was obvious that as of this particular moment in time, he had no idea how to put it into words. She decided to take pity on him and ended the mild interrogation he was being put through by his commanding officer, rewarded with a blinding smile that was quickly hidden behind his professional mask as he was ordered to report for duty first thing in the morning.

The return of Mike Corbett gave her a new hope, hope that the impossible could be achieved, that they would indeed find a new world, within her lifetime or not it didn’t matter, she knew that one day they would get there. That renewed attitude and vigour also gave her hope that perhaps Marie Renier hadn’t become as subsumed beneath High Councillor Renier as she’d thought.